Program Priorities

Economic Empowerment and Enterprises Development Program

The main objective of the program is to ensure improved household livelihood security through supporting small-scale income generating activities, capacity development and linking producer groups to reliable markets and credit schemes. The program’s strategic interventions are;

Business skills facilitation and capacity building

Micro Financing targeting women and youth groups

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1. Food Security and Livelihoods

In recognition of the multiple factors that cause food insecurity; the objective of the Food Security component is to support local communities alleviate immediate household’s food insecurity through increasing food production capacities and changing the conditions under which food insecurity develops and persists.

Our approaches

Support the use of better agricultural technologies by farmers to boost productivity.

Development of productive safety nets as well as rehabilitation of irrigation schemes

Identify appropriate trainings and support interventions to facilitate formation sustainable farmers’ associations and share best the practices within and across associations

Establishment of Junior Farmers Field Schools. The juniors (most of whom are the OVC) are practically trained on better farming techniques, hygiene and sanitation, Entrepreneurship and business skills, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and how to reduce child vulnerability.


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