Program Priorities

Education Program

1.Education Access for the Vulnerable

The overall goal of the education programme is to promote education amongst vulnerable communities through availing education opportunities among girls and boys, support relevant school’s infrastructures and adult illiteracy programmes for vulnerable communities.  The organization will ensure access to education for vulnerable and poor boys and girls in the programme areas. Recognizing the important role of parents in the education value chain, HOPECARE will actively engage parents in the process of follow up through the adult education training programmes.


2. Functional Adult Literacy Education

The main objective of the adult literacy project is to use literacy as an effective means of empowering women and youth from poverty. Most importantly is to stimulate women to start demanding for increased number of enrolling girls to school. 

 The program introduces the learners to read and write, while equipping them with better skills to improve health, agriculture, micro enterprise through income generating activities and access to property ownership including land. 

Through the Adult Literacy Education programme HopeCare will continue to provide basic literacy aimed at building capacity of vulnerable communities to respond to the challenges posed by the environment. This will be done through teaching, and training on basic issues of relevance to the development of their community.

The focus will be on constant needs assessment of education for the vulnerable communities before developing relevant content and to apply appropriate approaches to training so as to optimize the results of the education intervention. 

Networking and collaboration with other institutions of adult education is considered as vital in achieving the goal of Adult Literacy Education programme.

Adult Literacy Class Session
Access to Land Mobilization meeting

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